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will be providing you with the best performing experience for your website visitors by using the fastest and the most robust possible hardware devices, network and software. The web hosting server backup is running daily to support your website up and run with very minimum downtime even if the whole physical server crash. Web servers are located in 1st class data centers. The data centres are facilitated with the security systems, fire-walls, backup power systems and 24/7 supports. Click here for How to purchase web hosting.

You need to consider the following web hosting features to choose web hosting service provider -

Storage space : Storage space in the web hosting server is for files, images, web pages, emails and databases. This space can be measured in KB, MB or GB. In general 1000 KB = 1 MB, and 1000 MB = 1 GB. Average web page will take 50KB to 100KB of storage. Average email will take less than 10KB and will take more storage if there is attached file in the email. Video files will take bigger space. Most of the websites do not need huge storage space because 100MB storage can hold few hundreds of web pages.
You will need to consider

web hosting service

 which will not cut off your service immediately; so that you will still able to upload files or getting new emails even though the allocated storage space is used up. The

web hosting provider

will then notify you for upgrade. You will need bigger storage if you require many email accounts and want to leave emails in the server. Emails can be downloaded to your computer using email client software (such as MS Outlook Express or Thunderbird) and clear from the server so that you do not need huge storage space for emails. For any reasons, if you do not want to delete emails from server, we can help you to setup for huge email accounts (7 GB or bigger per email account) on behalf of you. All these email accounts will be personalized to your domain name, e.g. You may refer to “Frequently Asked Questions” section to find out more about unlimited storage space offers.

Monthly Data Transfer : Data or web page file is sent / transferred to the user computer when people browse / view your web page. Some data or instructions or requests are also sent / transferred to the server when user click or submit something from your web page. The same happens when you send / receive emails. These sending / receiving of data can be measured in KB, MB or GB (Refer to Storage Space section above). So if your website has 100 website visitors a day and average of 10 pages (average 100KB / page) views by visitors, the estimated monthly data transfer for your website can be calculated as 30 days x 100 visitors x 10 pages x 100 KB = 3 GB. You will also need to have some data transfer for sending and receiving emails. You may refer to “Frequently Asked Questions” section to find out more about unlimited data transfer offers.

Allocated Memory : When visitors view your website or send / receive emails, the web server needs to run programs / applications and it requires web server memory. The bigger the available memory the faster the speed. More memory available for your website means faster loading time for your website visitors. Our

web hosting service

has limited total number accounts for certain amount of server memory. Most

web hosting providers

will not give you guide for allocated available memory for your website because most of them are hosting several hundreds if not few thousands of websites in each web server. Another risk you will be facing from these type of shared hosting is if one website from thousands of accounts make a mistake or error, your website will also be affected. You may refer to “Frequently Asked Questions” section to find out more about how our

web hosting service

is different from others.

Server Backup : Backup is very important for web servers. If the server does not have daily backup data and hardware failure occurs, all your important data (web pages, emails, etc) will be gone. Our servers are protected with instant backup and daily off server backup. Instant backup is run by RAID system or storing data to multiple disks at the same time. If one disk fail, the server still can run with other disks before the new disk is being replaced. The off server backup is second level of data saving. If all disks fail at the same time (very rare case or will never happen), the data can be retrieved from the off server backup system.

POP3 Emails & Other Email Services : Most

web hosting service

comes with email service. Email can be accessed by web mail (using browsers such as Firefox) or email client software like Outlook or Thunderbird. We can also help you to setup external huge email accounts (7 GB or bigger per email account) on behalf of you if you require huge email accounts.

Anti-Virus & Anti-SPAM : Web servers must be protected by server level anti-virus software. All the email accounts need to be protected by anti-virus and anti-spam software.

Online Web Page Editor :

Web hosting service

 also can provide you with online web page editor tools to edit your web pages using browsers. For advanced users, the web pages can be edited by advanced software and upload / synchronize to the server through FTP software (e.g. Filezilla).

24/7 Server Monitoring, Report & Support : Web servers need to be taken care by experienced server administrators 24 hours a day, every day. If critical problem happen to the server, they can fix the problem as soon as possible to minimise the downtime. Server side problems should be requested to support team anytime. Comprehensive website visitors statistical reports could be accessed anytime for your marketing or other purposes.

Operating System & Web Server : Web servers need Operating System and most servers run by Linux OS and web services are handle by Apache web server. The web servers are required to be configured to produce best possible results for critical operations.

Web Hosting Control Panel : You can manage web server and other services using web hosting control panel, Plesk.

Server Side Scripts & Database : Web server should support PHP for server-side scripting and MySQL database.

Common questions and answers
Q. Can I edit my web page?
A. YES. You can use online web page editor to do editing for the web page content. Web page editor provide you with tools so that you may not need to know HTML coding for most of the cases.

Q. Does your hosting support instant activation feature?
A. No. If you don't want to waste your valuable time, we recommend you to learn about our partner BESTWEST. BESTWEST is a worldwide instant activation hosting provider supporting a plenty of advanced features.
Q. How long will it to use my hosting?
A. Your account will be setup within one business day after the full payment is cleared. You may also need to wait 6 to 48 hours for domain / DNS record population, which means there is waiting time to let all the servers around the world to know your domain name.

Q. Do you offer unlimited storage space?
A. Today technology could not provide unlimited disk for data storage. So we could not offer unlimited storage space yet for our customers. However, you may see web hosting providers offering for that, please read their terms and conditions carefully. Almost all of them have one way or another to limit you about the usage. Some offer with exchange of benefits such as advertisements. Your website will also have high risk since there will be several hundreds of account in the same server; if one goes wrong, all will be affected.

Q. Do you offer unlimited data transfer?
A. This is also similar to storage space, we could not offer for that. Because of the maintenance cost of the infrastructure, the data center service providers need to have regular income and they will need to bill depends on the usage. Please note that your website will not be cut off even if the allocated data transfer amount is used up, we will notify you for upgrade. Of course you will see many providers telling you unlimited or un-metered data transfer and yet there will still have limitations of usage somehow. e.g. You will get huge water tank and a tiny pipe to use the water from the tank. Since the pipe (or data access rate) is very small, how much do you think you can get from the tank. Even worst this pipe is shared by many others like you.

Q. How your hosting services different from other shared hosting?
A. We allocate dedicated resources such as storage, memory and data transfer for certain number of customers. Using latest technology each physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers, each of which has the dedicated resources. Each of the virtual server can run independently like actual physical server. If some wrong for one virtual server may not harm other virtual server of the same physical server. We allocate each virtual server with minimum memory of 512MB. Compare to thousands of accounts sharing in one server, you will have very low risk. We also never over sell to make sure you can utilize all the resources allocated for you. Moreover we reserved resources for busy times and upgrades.

Q. What do I need to know for my web hosting solution?
A. You may need to find out about clear understanding for
    - actual storage space and limitations
    - actual monthly data transfer and limitations
    - numbers of users sharing with you for the server
    - allocated memory
    - 24/7 server administrators & support service

Q. Who are your customers?
A. Our customers includes government ministries, MNCs, organizations, associations and many others small & medium enterprises. Kindly visit to for more information.

Q. How long have you been in this business? What if you are not around

A. Our company is running with minimum expenses and utilize our resources very well since year 2003. Most of individuals have many years of experiences in this industry. We will be there for you to provide services for your IT needs for long run as a reliable partner. We have been providing web hosting, maintenance, design & development and other IT services for ministries, MNCs, organizations and many others corporations with long terms contracts. So why do you need to worry while our existing customers trusted us as an IT outsourcing partner. You will have full access for your account for backup copies.

Q. Where is the server located? Is that reliable and secured?
A. Our servers are located at data centers in USA and SINGAPORE. The data centers are equipped with reliable & high standard facilities and monitor 24/7 by engineers. Data centers staffs are experienced in hosting, server & network management, and database administration and available for every hour of any day. The servers are connected to the Internet through multiple high speed connections to be accessible from all over the world. Tight security systems, fire wall protection systems, intrusion detection systems, alarm systems, backup generators, years of experienced support staffs and many others facilities to make sure your website is up and running without any interruption for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. All servers are using RAID system to protect hard disk failure and for instance data backups.

Q. Is your price lowest?
A. We value our quality service and support. We never claim for lowest price. However we can guarantee you the value for your investment.

Q. Are there any other alternative solutions?
A. We offers self updatable website, eCommerce website, customize application development for business processes / operations automation and website maintenance services. You may email to if you have particular requirements or budget limit.

Purchasing process for reliable web hosting
Kindly email to or Contact Us.
Please state (1) Full Name, (2) Email Address, (3) Contact Number, (4) Company Name in your email.

Limited Offer!

FREE Website Creation [Limited up to 5 new customers per month]
Customer must request for this service within 10 calendar days from the web hosting sign up date. Webwise Workz Pte Ltd reserved the rights to terminate this service without prior notice.

Follow the steps below to request for 'FREE Website Creation' -
1. Download content preparation template for your website and conditions (link below)
2. Complete the downloaded document with your data and send your request (by email) to

NOTE: The website creation will take 7 to 15 working days after you receive acknowledgement of submission from us. All communication must be done by email only.


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